The Price of Love

Written by: Diane Locksley

“There’s a price for keeping me; I might be cheap but I ain’t free”
It’s not your money I need, just some assurance from you
I’ll travel this road by your side, what’s ahead we can’t foresee
A golden ring is not required, loving acts mean more to me

“Hey, shut up, don’t lie to me.  You think I’m blind, but I’ve got eyes to see”
Please don’t profess your love or feel you must stoop on bended knee
If you see tears in my eyes, hold me in a tender embrace
This is the pathway to my heart; my sadness will be erased

“Along this road you lost your soul to a woman so heartless”
And what she did to you I can’t understand, I must confess
Somehow she shut off the flow of love that’s hidden in your heart
How can I restore your trust so we can make a new start?

Yes, I know you’ve been hurt; recovery is long overdue
If you can just be there for me, I vow to be there for you
Together in love’s unity our spirits will again soar
“Search your heart, search your soul, when you find me there, you’ll search no more”

“Take Me Down to the Little White Church” by Little Big Town
“Have a Heart” by Bonnie Raitt
“Heartless” by Kanye West
“Everything I Do” by Brian Adams

May 12, 2011  Entry for Chris Matt's Contest