On a Breezy Evening

Written by: gautami phookan

A   breezy  evening,   vernal   blossoms
strewn  across  the  mountain face.
where  my  brood  and  my  kin,
we  herded  out  picnicking;
drinking  in  the  crisp  air  of   spring.

In  picnic  baskets  our  feast;
cheese  rolls,  peaches and  strawberries.                                 
Wafting   aroma   of   food  on   the   grill.

At  their  play,  running  around;
Sons  and  daughters.                      
Their  pure  joy  that  lingers. 
A  lazy  day  on  all  that  lush  green.

Whiff  of  scented  air  sifting  through  the  leaves,
from  somewhere  far  off  scattered  trees.                                 
At  the  foot  of  the  hill  there was,
of  myriad  colors a  shallow  water  pool.
... And  the  lull  waves  of  deep  blue  sea.

Under  our  sun  hats  
trimmed  with  ribbons  and  laces,                              
we  sat  back  and  lay;
soaking  up  the  divine  serenity.

Sometime  then  the  wind  grew  strong,                        
and dark  clouds  loomed  in  the  horizon.
Thrilled  kids  leapt  up high,
Floating  frisbies  caught  adrift.
Girls  exuding  their  unbridled  joy;
their long  pigtails  streaming  in  the  breeze.

An    image    vivid    in    mind,
of    hankies    flying,  
seemed  like  all   had  grown  wings white;
become    meandering    butterflies.


4th place in the contest
For the contest : "Picnic Time"
Sponsored by Carol Brown.