you creep me out

Written by: tifarrah miller

sometimes you creep me then again i sometimes kind of like it cause i like creepy things
 You may find this weird but i always wanted to know what its like to have spider venom go
through your veins or go into a coma and wake up five years later
  You told me to stay away from people with tattoos and piercings. Guess what mom and dad
all my friends have tattoos and piercings. You also told me to never go on private
property but when i was eleven my ball went over the fence and i couldn't just leave it
 You make some valid points though really you do. I could get maced, chased by a dog or
shot i might even catch the bubonic plaque and its not that i don't want to listen to you
id just rather learn and be brave than a coward and afraid even if sometimes you creep me