I carry with me love

Written by: Matt Hunt

I carry with me love for this road of life
So abudant that it spreads to all that know me
The truth of the matter is that my love is  also rather catching
When I am happy, you will be happy                                                                             
You see love can do that to a person, when they least expect it
If you're having a bad day, all you need is me.
If you need a shoulder to cry upon I'm always here
Some would say I'm crazy because I love everybody equally
This doesn't bother me, after all I know everyone of you
I sent my son to die a horrible death that he didn't deserve to bear
Some may say that I'm crazy giving others free-will
That's the beauty of it though
I love you all so much that I give you the choice to love me.
So the simple question is: Have you met me on the road of life?
Do you know of this love that I speak, my child?