Love song

Written by: Ana-Maria Bituna

Almost had me lost in the dream of life,
Once more I was frost in the doubtful glove,
Forgotten in the center of the oldest strife,
“So what is the use of falling in love?”

“There is no reason there is no logic to feelings",
When you’re unprepared for cosmic illusion,
My soul’s floors had exchanged to Earth’s ceilings,
So I fell into the trap of people’s delusion.

Now I fear I had found a star so bright tonight
I cry tears of happiness and there are not for me,
There are for my stranger that came into my sight,
“You’re a little bit more than I thought you’d be.”

“The light that flows inside of you burns inside of me.”
Hear my voice and I will say nothing but a kiss,
And with a whisper I will seal our love in bliss,
We are the truth that everyone is trying to be.

~The Cardigans,