Fate Of Fate

Written by: Dana Kirby

In a happy little world, there would be no tears
We all would smile, and have no fears..

Fate of Fate lend me your ear's, open your heart's, and give me what is mine.

I stand before you a broken child of the light
I bring to you the gift of my sight.
Open your eye's to my outter pain
Let the sun fall on this dry land, and flood it with rain.

Stand before me, and taste my faith
Make your dicision quickly, without so much haste
Let this flood wash away my sin
Let the voices rejoice, and praise, Amen!

Watch me crumble, under ye' wondering eye
Fill this world with wonder under brightning sky
Take this abomination and crush it with your glorious boulder
Watch this distaste burn and smoulder.

Give me glory oh, fate of fate
Now give back the sunshine, with the downfall hate!