Follow Your Heart

Written by: James Loggins

There was once a little girl; 
A little one who was her daddy’s whole world
She sits up upon his knee
And asks: “Daddy, why are all the kids mean to me?”

“They make me feel like dirt
I never asked to be hurt
I hate having to go to school every day
Daddy, why am I treated this way?”

Her father wiped that teardrop with his hand off her face
And told this to her: “Listen my darling Grace
Some kids may be mean
But you and the rest of them are only thirteen

There will be some that will put you down
But don’t you dare wear a frown
Because they know not what they do
They don’t mean what they’re doing to you

You stay strong and hold your head up high
Then you will never again cry
My loving daughter, just follow your heart
And you will always have a fresh start
At your school and in your life