Written by: marvel Godwyn

As old as time thou art.
A rock of ages.
Hidden, the wisdom of
The ancient art. But 
Through thee unraveled.
A pathway to purity,
This mystique, with eyes
Closed, deep breaths
Mind on nothing, to
The beyond my soul
Levitates to harness.
And my burden darkened
Psyche, thy energy, like
The swift current of the
Sea sweeps away.
And the nether world
For tranquility I no more seek,
For my soul, by thee like
With hyssop had been 

In the utmost serene
Plane I lay.
Greatest of all mirth
And sublimity I find
When my eyes I close,
Deep breaths I take.
Transcended, my fragmented
Psyche, by cares of this dark
Terrestrial realm, integrates.
For on an apogee of purity
Of the beyond it anchors,
Where a verdant pasture
Of serenity it relishes.
A pearl, but meretricious by
Skeptics christened thou
Truly art.