Written by: Grobb Johnson

I've lied I've cheated,
stolen and killed.
Burned, destroyed,
how I felt I was thrilled.

Ripped apart and taken,
left whatever still standing quite shaken.
Bruised and maimed,
corrupted and blamed.
Beaten and mauled,
left all appalled.

An addiction to ravage,
A raging heartless savage.
Production, obstruction,
cause of destruction.
A rampaging violence,
disruption of silence.

So filled of greed,
neglecting of need.
Made so many,
quiver and bleed.
I've saddened, I've maddened,
but never once gladdened. 
Made cry, let die,
then walked on by.

Left torn and tattered,
as if nothing mattered.
As to me it did not,
for inside of me.
You'll find not one heartfelt thought.