Shadow Things

Written by: Erin Beckett

I felt air rising
all about me and waited,
watching heavy clouds leave out
their oppression forms-
no storms came, no lightning struck
ground. I looked back and out came
the new in. I thought

all that changes must abound
within the brain-sheltered heart.
Sun and storms and rain;
a useless thought compared with
blaming and the sin stains in-
(for black-hearted birth)
giving wind to flame outside
of us. Severing the heart-

beat sounds between us;
lovers and friends and neighbors.
All the matter is who wins
and rearranges,
so they can look at certain
clouds and realize a shape
to them. A shadow 
some others cannot weather

because there's doubt. Change has come
about, but slowly.
This has never changed too much;
that we hold on to shadow-
things. Weather passes.