A Response to Bored with Haters

Written by: Cyndi MacMillan

No one is born to create chaos,
God made us to love and forgive,
But some are denied that teaching,
And drown in terrors relived.

Really, for some hate isn't a choice,
It they could choose to be loving they would,
It really ISN'T that simple,
They'd be kinder if only they could.

See, haters were once little babies,
Their mothers withheld all affection,
While longing for cuddles and kisses,
Instead they recieved cruel rejection.

Some were burned and then they were beaten,
While crying out, "Mommy, I love you!"
Others were called a real burden,
A mistake, something to undo.

At school they were constantly bullied,
As teens either forgotten or teased,
As youth they were completely abandoned,
So hatred became their disease.

You'll say that you too have suffered,
Maybe parental love was something you lacked,
 Life's dealt you just as many blows,
Yet you've never felt the need to attack.

I'm not certain why some can endure,
were tortured yet somehow don't crack,
What causes one person to crumble,
while another stays mostly intact?

Inside the haters are dying,
They still long for that parent's embrace,
And those scars are far too deep,
For one small act of kindness to erace.

It takes forgiving them over and over,
It takes loving them without end,
It means no matter what they say or do,
You will be their forever friend.

And hate will lose its power,
Despair will loosen its hold,
A mind will finally heal,
A heart will no longer be cold.

Because over and over the lessons were taught,
That love comes with great pain,
So the next time a hater makes you want to lash out,
Take a step back and think again.

And don't just pray for the damaged,
Remember to pray for yourself, too.
Turning the other cheek's not easy,
But as Christians its what we should do.

***Thank you for the inspiration! It just poured out. Blessings!***