The Way

Written by: James Loggins

Once I was a lost soul
I slept with temptation,
Drank the devil’s liquor;
Sniffed, injected, and took every known substance

I caused so much damage to my life
I hurt all my friends and family
But all that changed one night
When I was arrested for possession of marijuana

I called my girlfriend to get me bailed out
But she not only sent me money
But a Bible as well
I read about all the miracles Jesus performed

Of how God sent His only begotten son to die for me
When Jesus never did a single thing wrong
But then three days later, Jesus came back resurrected
And then He joined His Father in Heaven

After court I did my time in prison
I went to AA meetings, cleaned up,
And got back in touch with my God
If it wasn’t for Jesus’ guidance and God’s love
I would have never found the way