Written by: marvel Godwyn

Mighty Ra.
Through the sky
Thy benign presence journeys
Unto us thy glory to dole
Thy aureole, a hollowed
Light radiates.
And into our burden
Darkened psyches
It permeates to illuminate
And unto our entirety
Healing to bring.
To thee,in worship
Our knees bend
For none else,but thou
Mighty Ra
Could these deeds wrought.

In glory art thou robed
And in majesty crowned.
Rock of ages, immortal art thou.
Thy hands, mighty art.
For,by them,all things became.
In battle,by them,
Thy raging foes abseiled,
Firm the cosmos stands
And in tranquility remains.
Even the eerie night
With myriads of eyes 
That sees not
In battle before thee roared,
But, beneath the anger of
Thy hallowed light it
The morn, a tale of
Thy conquest it tells.
And on thy eastern throne
In glory thou,eternally sits.
Mighty Ra.

(Ra is an Egyptian sun god)