angry woman

Written by: tifarrah miller

shes an angry woman when she was born her fist where clenched and at first she didnt make
a sound till the doctor poked her foot and she cried real loud. As a little girl she didnt
want to share toys she took what she wanted out of her brothers toy chest theyd wrestle
around for a little while then when she had won mom said stop and made her give the toy
back. SHe never took her daughters side. 
  She felt this was unfair thus she became the angry girl swearing and not caring she lost
a lot of friends that way. Boys turned away. 
  But her anger was understandable no one had a nice thing to say so why should she be
happy when all she understood and knew was anger and rage and as long as she was treated
that way the angry woman would show through and the beautiful women she truly was would be
dragged behind in her shadow with nothing to do