sorry claire

Written by: tifarrah miller

his eyes scanned her thighs they were like jewels to his eyes
her lips seemed plump and tasty. She had the perfect teenage figure though she was
probably like twenty or twenty three. He had followed her home and everyday that he could
memorized the routes that she took by heart.
He had left her flowers, chocolate, and even teddy bears at her door. He knew he was
frightening her he just didnt care.
 He planned to suprise her when the cops werent looking for him or were he was with those
canine sniffing mutts. He had to be more sneaky of course it only took about a month. The
police closed the case she was alone again and there was no time to waste there was no
cat. No dog, No husband or child. He broke in easily and waited for her to come home.
Making sure to make dinner for two with candles lite before she entered. When she came in
she didnt get a chance to react shock took over as he put his hand over her mouth and told
her not to scream. But then the shock let as quick as it came. SHe fought back there was a
struggle and he chocked her to get her to be silent. Then in ten seconds her body went
limp. His ex wife was dead that was not meant to happen. He left there. The police found
her body and his in his home next to it lay a note and a gun and the note said sorry
claire I just wanted it to turn out right now looks like where both going home tonight