What's Happened to My Sister

Written by: Tricia Lucas-Clarke

What's happened to my sister? 
She seems to be quite mad
Once she was so happy
Now she is so sad.

Suddenly she announced 
"I want to be a millionaire,
But to make happen 
I must become a practitioner.”

Of some such thing as NLP
 Or other mind changing stuff.
But can’t she see it hasn’t worked 
And we’ve all had enough.

What’s happened to my sister?
She didn’t use to be this way.
Maybe aliens arrived from Space 
And took her off one day.

The person that they left behind
 Is someone else entirely,
Not someone nice like Cheryl Cole 
or even tiny Kylie.

What’s happened to my sister?
She didn’t used to drink
But now I know she’s had too much
From the glasses in the sink.

All she talks to me about is 
Money cars and shoes,
But it all bores me senseless 
And I’d rather watch the news.

What’s happened to my sister?
I think she is quite lonely.
I hope one day she’ll realise 
That all her friends are phoney.

And whilst she lives her other life, 
Her family will wait.
But if she doesn’t hurry up
 It could be far too late.