Dear Plutarch

Written by: Rhema Jones

To you my dear friend I write again
Of feelings I send to wherever you’ve been
Your tale of a man named Julius Caesar
Is almost as annoying as that Justin Beiber
And although I’ve only read on page
I feel as if I’ve been reading for an age
So please dear Plutarch I must imply
“Why don’t your writings in the grave with you lie?”
So I wouldn’t be sitting here laying in despair
Over such boring nonsense which makes me pull my hair
But for the sake of my awesome GPA
I’ll brave your writings in order to make an A
So my dear Plutarch I hope you’ll listen to me
Don’t ever write again. Oh, please! Oh, please! 
Sincerely, Me

About: This is a poem I wrote during school last year as a joke because I did not enjoy reading Plutarch. I enjoyed his stories, but the language was hard to understand...