The Church

Written by: pat dring

“ The Church”

Today I walked, back in time, 

Into the church, where you said, you would be mine.

Where I promised, to love honour, and obey.

Almost 43years, to that very day,

I only went there quite by chance,

It felt very strange, reliving our great romance,

Remembering  walking  down the isle, on my fathers  arm.

Him looking terrified, me anything  but calm,

My mother also, looking worried too,

All dressed up in pale blue.

My sister Yvonne, and her friend Katy as bridesmaids.

I really can’t believe it was so long ago, over four  decades.

All the family and friends gathered there,

To listen to us, our love to declare.

We walked out that church, as man and wife,

To start a journey  together, a new life.