An invisible killer

Written by: lily lloyd

An invisible killer, 
it takes just one puff,
and before you know it,
you can’t get enough. 

You thought it was safe,
you thought it was cool,
so you kept on smoking,
you silly fool.

A poisonous danger,
sitting on your tongue
Smoke floating around,
In your precious lung.

Not caring for the mild affect,
Yellow fingers and dull hair.
But what you don’t realise,
Is Death can’t compare.

Unaware of second-hand smoking,
Maybe you will notice,
When  your child gets cancer,
And is choking.

Just think for a minute,
What you are doing,
Do you want to die young?
Or continue pursuing?

It may take months,
It make take years,
but at least you’ll still be around,
To love your family and peers.