Razors Edge

Written by: Dana Kirby

As I weep in the shadow's                                  I beg you hear my cries
I thought I was alone with my pain,                    But the darkness has its spies..

I search for glory                                                 But I am weak
His ear's go deaf                                                  To the word's that I speak..

Softly I whisper                                                   An echo in the dark
I search for that glimer                                       Deep inside, I used to spark..

The needle is still bloody                                     From twine that bind's his eye's
And somewhere where the sun is rising              Another heart; slowly die's..

Calmly I place the razor                                       On my pulsing vein
I have lived to much reality                                  Its time to kill the pain.


Just so anyone who will read this know's I have not ever tried to commit suicide, nor 
even thought about it. I was writing one night, and this all just came out. I have 
known people who have cut themselves, and I have read books about it. Just 
thought I would share a little something. ;)... Have a blessed day!