Alone Too Long

Written by: Grobb Johnson

It's been thirteen weeks, since I've seen or been seen,
by another human being.
I once had a significant other
who left me for another.
because I always wanted a bit of alone time,
now I have way too much of my own time.

I used to look forward, to some piece and some quiet.
Now anything other than silence,
in a heartbeat I'd try it.
I often before, wouldn't answer when friends would call.
Now I haven't seen any of them,
not since the beginning of last fall.

Just me and my thoughts,
my free time I've got lots.
While I keep aging,
and my body slowly rots.
My memories fading so fast,
as each day comes to pass.
And every day
exactly, the same as the last.
I don't want to play anymore,
I want things back to the way they were before.
But such so is that thought,
so terrifying it is to me.
How am I really supposed to be,
when I return to society?