Written by: Debbie Balonon

I cannot fathom the ecstasy
nor the pain that your being
has bore into mine.
It is like the bottomless pit
that sinners fear when existence
ends and immortality proceeds.
With you, i am like a child cupping my hands
hoping to catch a droplet from
the grace of heaven.

My love, my deepest desire.
It is I who spends my slumber
only dreaming of you.
It is I that joins the night
my being engulfed in darkness.
It is you that makes everyday of
my waking hour
of life and death.

My mystery, my agony.
Tell me, how can this cursed heart
get over the spell that you have casted?
Tell me, how can this drowned soul
recover from the waves that you have
so graciously splashed me.

My love, my forever.
It is I whose being will not cease
to try to make your soul to twitch for me.
It is you who I offer my shooting stars to.
My love, my forever.
My deepest desire who can never be mine,
this soul departs from the mysteries of this
This heart will seek the answers to the enigma
I have kept within the portals of me for so long.
I am forever indebted to the memories of you.
For with you, I have unearthed the magic of
shooting stars, of love
and of learning how to love.