On liquid plains

Written by: Joe Maverick

Upon the waters waiting still,, a scudding duck decends.!

Dragonflies hover over blossoms and leeches deep,
Geese shake their heads, as they are passing the fronded willows, in verdant pleats
Hissy hiss is all they say,with their blatant contempt for the lush summers day!
The ganders enjoying their swaggering time on this fecund month of may.
While on meadow banks are waxing longer the source of septembers hay 

Near lily pads 
A gaggle of goslings go
Deep yellow fluffing they bob
Eyes on mom stay (close)

Egrets stream like banners
( Art white) on aqua skies.

Joe Maverick for Constance La France's four beautiful birds contest.
copyright may 2011