Good Morning, Curtains Roll

Written by: Mohamed Abdou

People here and after rushing though the rainbow beams
All with a pursuit to reach green.

One with Starbucks in hand worried
about the Boss’s stern mouth
In the other lane,
 the arrogant one with Blackberry in her hand 
planning 7 o’clock happy hour with the girls..

Another, the scornful  with mood swings
blowing temper creating mist of anger forming 
Nothing but a halo of rage. 
Probably cursing the driver ahead for driving on 60!

Another urging her toddlers to rest,
 “Sit Sit “, she commands
Receiving nothing but mere nods and scheming smiles.
Then realizing the blessing and following it 
with a pause of tolerating acceptance.
” After all they still remain children, they’ll grow soon” and
then following it with an obvious shift of expression”
 If only HE would get up his lazy bottom in the morning!”

Many scenes of different genres, fascinating and many times entertaining. With 
curtains rolling at Red stops….