Written by: trina aiken

You lay there 
Your eyes cold and
The slow beat of your
Heart echoes in the room
As the pool of blood slowly
Surrounds you.

It stands over you, 
With a smile but emotionless face
As you see your reflection in Its 
And red paints Its face,
You unable to speak
From the pretty little cut 
It left on your neck.

It slowly walks around you 
Taping the knife in Its hand,
Stabbing, over and over again 
until the very end,

When you heart beat echoes 
The very last time
And your eyes close
And you see Its emotionless 
smiling face for the very last

It drops the knife and slowly 
walks away from your body
And It picks up the phone and dials
And the speaker replies 
"Hello how can I help you?"
A smile appears upon Its face
And It laughs a little 
And says
"Can you come help I think 
I just killed my friend"
I drop the phone and
Staggers away.