Rising Outlaw

Written by: James Loggins

I was born in the great state of Texas
My ma was a Comanche, while my pa was a white man
My childhood began as a peaceful and loving one
That was until strange men came upon our land

They broke into our ranch
And gunned down my ma and pa
Right in front of me
I instantly became an outlaw
When I picked up my pa's revolver

And killed them all in four single shots
This happened when I was just fifteen
From that day on, I wandered the country
Growing up quick, and growing smart and mean

I roamed from state to state, town to town
With my pa's revolver at my side
Just hitching a ride on trains and pickpocketing to get around
To all the places I have been to

And ever since that day
Where I lost my ma and pa
I have robbed banks, hijacked trains, and stole horses
Because I am a rising outlaw