The Prayer

Written by: Vanesa Markovic

From the solitude of the clouds, the safety of the heavens,
I have started falling.
Swept to ground by forces stronger than anything I have even known,
his arms, they’re calling.

Oh, to be a flower in the bloom of his love!

The irrationality, the insanity which lies amidst my overwhelmed heart,
not even my head can reason.
The days have become little more than a blur of perpetual motion,
I am completely devoured within his season.

Oh, light me in your sunshine, paint me in your snow!

Fear has become the devoted lover and friend my endless nights endure,
a poison running through my veins.
Constant thoughts of my own shortcomings and my putrid flaws,
potential happiness they stain.

Oh, I will fight to be the reflection of perfection you deserve!

Still I am, not moving an inch, and every night I pray of god and the universe,
I beg of you all, let this be.
I have never in all my years yearned for a mind, body and soul this deeply,
that face, forever, is all I wish to see.

Oh, let this be the reality I see in my most perfect of daydreams!