Written by: Meggan Rogalski

Leaves slide across
an eternity of time,
memories parted into petals
one by one
curl, crumble
and blow away as so much dust on the wind.
Here in this ivy-chained shelter 
I would close my eyes
and drape myself in a cloak of 
a burning intensity of colour;
A suttee-made of 
smouldering flowers
and sunset beauties.
Many hands have nurtured and tended to
this burning ember on the skyline
watched as it bloomed from bud, grew to unbearable blaze
and perished in Phoenix glory.
Few are the hands that have gathered its ashes
to dreamwalk again,
forming another seed 
another circle, another orb, another sphere of life.
A new lotus grows, unfolding to the promise of light
as I bask
 in the eternal devotion 
of a gardener to his garden