Your beautiful soul

Written by: Red Fiery

My  soft   rosy  petals 

willing to  kiss you

this   morning  bird

sings   with  you

charming   winds

waves   your  red  hair

 your   blue  eyes

meets   MY   sky

for  they  borrow

today and tomorrow

the   colours of  faith

 encompasses  your  breath   

to   learn   more

about   your  soul

The  rivers  ARE

Your  true  friends

For   they  have   always   followed   your  trends !

The  snow  melting  mountains  stands  for  you

 For   you    have   sincerely    adored   them  too..

I   write   my   heart   for  our   passionate  love

The   one   good  life  that   we  both  deserve !

Come   love! Come   love!


  copyright 2011  by smriti Jha