From Sunrise To Sunset

Written by: Ana-Maria Bituna

The sun is rising with its lightness,
It is amazing all this brightness
That leads me to my greatest fortune,
And kills me into the water of Neptune.

There are white, the bluest lives,
Appear after the night from west,
Not very similar besides the rest,
But seem like the cruelest minds.

With the speed that has never see,
Several clouds are playing in the sky,
Or in the Garden, like Apollo’s children,
Where the truth is told and not a single lie.

The seagulls are floating over us,
One hundred or maybe two,
Catching the Heaven it is their loss,
And they are singing louder, too.

The pure blue of the ocean is true
Therefore you have not a single clue
That deep into your round eyes 
There are salty, painful tears.

Suddenly, the light is robbed
With no Blood the sky is stabbed,
Fearlessly the dark has come,
And all’s changing into Down.

Raindrops falling on my fingers,
And I feel how God is burdened,
And he’s throwing many thunders.
There’s the storm that I’ve believed in!

We stand still, we embrace the night,
For our hearts shall soon bring light,
And with just one touch of lips, we
Unfold the sky – only stars shall be.