Written by: Ana-Maria Bituna

The wind is blowing awfully hard
With death coming along
And is tearing all apart
Even is you are too strong.

By the fall of the rain
That is pouring insane
God is trembling in vain,
But the fear it’s not the same.

It’s almost December,
The night is cold and eager
To fulfil my wishes
Before my heart crashes.

The poison has reached my heart
And is melting my body down.
I am defendless now
Because it is unlocked.

Trapped in this dungeon,
Feeding myself with lies,
Trying to escape from the bottom
I’ll be fighting here, always.

If the day shall come,
Endless growing feelings shall be.
I don’t know where from,
As long as I live for thee.

If the light should separate us
We’ll be braking ourselves in pieces,
None of the remaining thoughts
Will bring you that madness.

My eyes are full of anger
Not seeing you again,
My soul is full of hunger
For the love you have within.

For I shall not sleep,
Until I’ll find an honest way
The time to defeat
And not letting you get away.

The danger may rise,
Even if you are not present.
But with your pure spirit
The poverty you will erase.

Make me forget about this world!
May your protection be my weapon.
I shall give myself to you.
And I’ll make a step forth
Next to your love.