Written by: Ana-Maria Bituna

What significance has ‘all’ for us?
What significance has ‘can’ for me?
Ability if I would have
Love I’ll convert it into all.
Can it be true to love?
To rumble in this riddle?
This helplessness is all I have
This helplessness is like a shield
It wants me to stay and not to speak.
This helplessness has won.
Until now I’ve been its.
Only if I could, just once,
To live my own life,
To run father away
And forget about the world.
What is love? What is life?
One life if I could have
I’ll convert it all in what
Significance has love for us.
But what is it exactly?
Love doesn’t die?
For eternity in me shall stay
If it would be love
Holy love or lusty love,
Indwelling love.
But who are you?
Didn’t search for you,
How did I found you?
Have I fell in love?
Or it is just love?
It doesn’t go if comes.
Will you love me?
Will you share with me?
In my eyes you’ll find yourself
And then we’ll rest
And forever we will be together
And we shall live our life
When everything will mean love.