Le Poison

Written by: Mohamed Abdou

The Poison, our kind seeks but rarely finds

We try to escape its consequences yet 

We are always beguiled by its strong essence and state of mind

Protected by laws and rules set by Society

Atrocious, wicked Society concealed under principles and convention

Watching every step with a keen eye like a lion watching a feeble fawn 

Waiting for the right moment to strike

Society is yet another quadruped, a toxic weapon, an envious bully

Annihilating anyone that dares to cross its Constitution

Despite this, rises upon us the Bold with lethal sword

Bloodily assassinating any contractions… and declares himself leader 

Only then Society bows to the victorious

It’s a conspiracy; it’s a Fantasy, or perhaps a delusion

All which I know I’m Poisoned with no antidote