Written by: Christy Love

I love talking to you.
I love walking with you.
You just make life so much more interesting.
We talk about every thing that comes to mind.
When we can,we spend every moment with each other.
Dont even care about time.

I know it when you're mad.
I know it when you're sad.
Know it when you're annoyed.
Know it when you're happy and full of joy.

I love it when we're holding hands.
I'm blessed that you're my man.
I love the way you hold me.
I love the way you touch me
especaily when the lights are off.

Love it when you send me flowers
especaily on a bad day at work.
You know just how to make me smile 
even when I dont want to.
Butterfiles in my stomach every time I see you. 
Baby I love you. I love you.  I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!