Can't Knock My Hustle

Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

 You have not experienced things the way I have

Because you are not me.

 My  tragedies could be your testimonies.

My Egypt may be your promised land.

All of your that girl is crazy stuff. Take it up with the big man.

My struggles are different from yours and God's victory,

For us is grander than what you can see outdoors.

The floors that you may have to spitshine with tears,

Is different from mine. Your breakthrough may occur.

In days and mine may take years.So talk about me inside,

And outdoors. God is diversity and all of us He adores.

I will not knock your struggle because I don't know everything,

About You. So I suggest toward me this is something you

Should not do. If you do God got you. He got me too.

I still love you He does too. You can't knock my hustle.

I came here with a job to do whether I'm employed to the King,

Or something made by made who calls themselves incorporating.

You knock my hustle because you don't know my struggle.