Written by: Rhema Jones

You are the one who brightens bad days,
The one who lightens attitudes.
Often like a pesky child you annoy
But even the most annoying children
Have an apparent innocence to them.
One must know the art of fun in life
In order to understand you, Comedy.
And where would you be without pure laughter?
Oh! What glorious feelings laughter brings me.
It can join the most opposite of people,
Even enemies, together in joy.
Laughter is natures best pain medicine,
Even healing the most horrid of scars.
And who is better to share laughter with
Than your God given family and friends?
People who no matter the circumstance
Will always be there to lend you a hand,
Shoulder to cry on, or laugh at a joke.
Even the ones that aren't so funny...
Family and friends bring us together,
Through laughter we bond together in love.
Through comedy we unite everyone .
Every man, woman, and child unite.
Comedy, the glue that hold us together.