Written by: dixie fallin

I'm sitting here all alone,
emotions numb, with words  you've shown.
You chose to leave our bed last night,
precious time wasted, to hold me tight....

I'm still in shock of what you said,
how you cared for her, when tears she shed?
You're probably right, when you confessed,
you shouldn't have pulled me into your mess!...

You honestly believe that it's okay?
to care for lovers, that went away.
I ask if it, would be alright,
if I cared this much for an "ex" tonight?...

You lie and say it wouldn't bother you!
if I showed compassion, while he's so blue.
I'm lost in thoughts of how to feel?
your words ring loud, as they reveal....

"You care for her, is what you say",
those words still sting, I must convey.
What was I thinking?.. to let you in,
my heart is broken yet again....

I don't need lovers, from past gone by,
to talk me through tears I cry.
The way I see it, they had their chance,
but you need 'her' more, than our romance...
                      Go figure?....