The vacation

Written by: Stepheney hernandez

Vacation, boy  I need to vacate……
This American Dream stuff gives me a headache.
I want to go the land that created the existence of man…. Africa
So rich in culture such a strong love for life. my feet must touch the soil
of the royal…
Black is the color where there I’m a part of the majority; no longer in America where 
I am considered a minority. 
Minority… huh my spirit is greater than that, which is why it’s yearning to go where 
god’s beauty is at.
God’s beauty takes over, give you time to think about the true meaning of life and 
not the life I am trying to make. 
No pressures, no demand, no deadlines, no bills, no deals just god n me on the 
motherland of life.
Vacation… huh will I return? I must think this through twice. for the first time in my 
life I will feel like…
I finally came home.