Sensual Me

Written by: Brenda Atry

My soles have felt the sands of time,
Slip through my toes and bury my heels,
At beaches where blood ran like rain.
I honor the memory of those that have fallen.

My hands have touched a sea that once parted,
Allowing fleeing slaves to find freedom.
I've cupped my palm , raised the water to my mouth,
And tasted the salt of shackled tears.

My eyes have traveled the length of a cord
That bound my newborn children to my body.
Where did I end and they begin within,
This rope of life that made us one?

My ears have heard two towers crash,
Sordid lies and broken promises.
My ears hear my daughters voice,
Raised in song, and delivers salvation  .

My arms have held my dying mother,
Who loved me enough to let me go.
Yet,I,her eldest daughter,
Could not do the same for her.

My skin has brushed against burning hatred,
But mostly of passions building warmth.
Blindfolds and age could rob me of sight.
I'll never forget the texture of my husbands flesh.

My lips have guarded too many secrets,
Mostly my own, dark and painful.
My lips, moist and soft, are often smiling,
And most of all, they've known love.