Written by: brandy uptain

The wind blows,
The flowers blossom and grow,
The seasons come and the seasons go,
The waters incessantly flow,
Yet my heart is still full of woe.

It has been years,
Since I have let myself shed tears,
Or relinquished my fears,
For you, who all of a sudden just disappeared.

You were my angel,
Ever since my heart is twisted, by your spider's web it still dangles,
In your spider's web it gets more tangled,
And everyday a little more mangled.

At least I still have a heart,
What little you have not torn apart,
You always thought you were so smart,
Playing with my soul from the start.

If I ever see you again,
My heart will surely begin to mend,
Because against you my heart cannot defend,
As sad as it is... on you my happiness depends,
And I pray you will learn to love me again.