How Did You

Written by: brandy uptain

When I close my eyes,
You always take me by surprise.
Your eyes always sparkle like emeralds in the morning sun,
With on look into them my came undone.
Your voice is like angels singing on high,
With just one glance I always felt as though I could fly.
How did you get there,
And why should I even care?
Swiftly a whisper came upon me,
And suddenly an angel in human form I did see.
Your lips did things to me you cannot imagine or conceive,
You did more for my soul than you ever believe.
When the tears start to fall,
I wish you were the one I could call.
How did you get there,
And why would I even care?
I do know where you came from,
An angel that was sent from above.
When the nights get cold,
It is you I want to hold.
I know how you got here,
But I wish I did not care.