My gift from the Chairman of Nottingham Forest given to me over 50 years ago which I still have

Written by: pat dring

My Little Green Propelling Pencil.

I was only a child when you were given to me,
By the then, Chairman of Nottingham Forest, When he came round for a cup of tea.
Harold Wrigley Alcock was his name.
Nottingham Forest football team was his game.
The year was nineteen fifty nine.
Forest were doing fantastic at this time.
He also was the owner of the Bridgford Wine Stores on Melton Road in West 
Where both my parents worked, my sister and I were often in the back room,we 
were never bored.
He came round to our house every Sunday morning the books to do.
We lived on Exchange Road number one hundred and twenty two.
He often brought us gifts when he went abroard.
We just went to Skeggy in our little old Ford.
He took us as a family to Forest ground.
We watched the game from the V. I. P. box, the excitement the sounds.
 As a child this was all mind blowing.
The excitement was truly flowing.
Now fifty years later this all came flooding back to me.
While clearing out a cupboard I found my little green propelling pencil. Given to me 
by he.