A Mothers Limits

Written by: Emma Buckeridge

Now, I love my husband an awful lot
But his cantankerous side is not so hot

We tolerate each other’s choices
But Football is a ‘no’ my inside voice says

Personally, I have a fear of ancient twisted trees
I WILL close my eyes, so guide me under them please

My children are like a heard of fighting elephants
There’s only so much my ear drums can take of their shouts and grunts

My parents are great, (now my head can't  find a rhyme) 
But I’ve have heard their stories from long ago one hundred million times!

The love I have for my loved ones has no limits at all
I will always be here with opened arms to catch them if they fall

So, football, twisted trees, fighting elephants and old stories
I have my limits I truly do but would I change things? No not really!

 For contest ’limitless’
5th place win