Written by: Jimmy Anderson

On the day I was born a band of demons rejoiced in hell.
Under Satan's spell, I grew into a man with an empty shell.

Darkness still hangs over me like a stormy black cloud.
I thrive on violence, and silence can often be so loud!

I enjoy the smell of decomposed skin, and the taste of afterbirth!
My energy is fueled by my sin and I've come to terrorize earth!

Many angelic beings have tried to put an end, an end to my demonic crime.
My foes can't seem to comprehend how I travel back through time.

I've worn the crown of destruction, and I continue to conquer the lands.
Without bloodshed I can't function, so I need blood to drip from my hands!

I bathe in hell's flames, and bargain for souls by fulfilling peoples fantasies.
I am called many names, but Antichrist is what the Bible has labeled me!

Soon I'll unite the world's governments, and put my face on all currency.
The mass media will be my instruments, and I'll have the world fooled to believe in 

I'll have all people under my control, and flood the world with sex and drugs like 
I'm determined to win every soul, for that is my goal, and I'll hold all the answers!!