The Silver Outline

Written by: gautami phookan

" And God took a handful of southerly wind, blew his breath upon it and created the horse." ~ Bedoin Legend In the magical moonlight The silver outline you see; Is a greyish white Mustang, A wild horse I am. Rambling free in the vast grasslands... The long coarse skeins, my dark grey manes; Dwells the blustering wind. Early dawn When air is wrapped in fleecy clouds, I swim in the silent waters deep. Mermaid locks leave behind a trail. A canter, that's a hush, a heart that mellows; Yet so strong , yet so rugged. Thunder in the mountains, Rolling fierce rain. No fear I know, As I go galloping, pacing long wild grasses.. Waves in a stormy sea. Artists for eons strove, To hold in their brushes Lightning beauty. Spirit unlassoed, in my knowing eyes Hid behind my long eyelashes white. Mystery unfathomable, In my heart lies; Wings which unfurl as I fly, Taming the wind, blowing a gale. Wild horse of the prairies, I am. ~ 4th place win in the contest For PD's : "My Best Pet or Animal Poem" Honorable Mention For kristen bruni's contest : "If I Was Animal What Would I Be?" Written by Gautami Phookan