Love Stains

Written by: Erin Beckett

If you could underestimate her
then you could unwind
and take it all in without the divine 
pressure, and nothing's missing. But if you find

a piece of her, then she becomes like an echo
singing in your ears, writhing on your skin.
Then as it goes you can't win-
out the sensations,

and she'll be present in every song, all the vibrations.
Straining soft chords and sweating relations

to attain the harmony of a basic instinct,
an urge like "rage against the dying of the light," If you could only blink,
flows alive and in sync into all the places. 
You could live in every room where she's opening spaces

and laughing as you do. It's the natural way she chases
the light into your darkest corner,
in the very core of you. And it's crystal clear
how everything collides when she's near,

mimicking the fluidity of her.
It doesn't stop, you turn and the world is just her
playground when her eyes are watching
all the players
are smooth and unshakable, like the timing
that flows to anything,
and everything becomes covered with her stains.