Sultry Needs

Written by: Maggie Mae McAfee

I gluide amongst the shadows that only few can see,
A place so mysterious yet others long to be.
My sinful dreams of longful yearnings,
Have yet to be explored, do you hear? sultry voice.

A voice so enticing the angels come to hear,
Fly down or from below..makes no difference my dear.
A soul imprisoned by thine own making,
Tis shameful to go un-noticed...a sultry soul.

When separate souls have embraced the entwined,
There is no room for shame...nor time.
We must grasp onto each moment and rejoice,
Our lives are now forever laced...our sultry lives.

Our rejection or acceptance is not a factor here,
Our passion for unspoken desires is predominantly clear.
The secret we will share is one memory never fading,
A passion so strong and cascading...our sultry passion.

Anticipation makes the heart beat ever so fast,
Exasperations with breathless whims will ever last.
Some for a lifetime, others for the moment,
I can see his eyes. Can he see mine?...his sultry eyes.

Does he know the beauty within his being?
Beauty meant to run free without seeing.
Touch what you cannot see..feel the excitement,
Breathe the air that I sultry breaths.

Time explodes as two souls are destined  to connect,
No explainations needed, while in arms we rest.
Listen as he breathes with deep breaths of satisfaction,
His whispers of pleasure caresses my ear...his sultry voice.