Oh my giddy Aunt

Written by: ned flanders

I remember when my Aunt
wanted a divorce,
said, "at last my time is mine
I shall live on the Golf Course".

My Uncle never played
he gave the game a snub,
thought it pretty pointless
to hit a ball with club.

He only wanted offspring,
to fertilise her eggs,
but she was bloody adament
he would never part her legs!

She never wanted family,
He wanted Son and heir.
So they found that life
became too much to bear.

So it was they split,
my Uncle he played Bowls,
Auntie she liked golf
she loved those eighteen holes.

One day while she was playing.
A great Storm began to brew.
Thunderclaps were shouting
with Lightning Bolts that flew!

She had just teed off,
then was walking past a dyke
when Thunder blew a fuse
then lightning it did strike...

( When my Uncle heard
my Auntie had been zapped,
the only thing he said was...)

"Well aint that very apt!!! "

Oh my giddy Aunt!!!
It was the ultimate birth control!
Guess where she was hit?

Between the first and second hole!