My Poem too Richard Madeley Judy Finnigan, after I got their message to late

Written by: pat dring

Poem to Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan

Here is my heart, broken in two.
Because I lost my chance to appear with you. 
The greatest chance of my life, I’ve ever had,
To talk about my writing although it’s sad,
To meet denise again, the signed photo she gave me in ‘95’
Hangs on our kitchen wall with great pride.
I would never have gone on holiday to Skegness,
If I had known the outcome would have caused me so much distress,
To be contacted three times by you’re researcher, Nicola McNeleus
To be asked to appear on your show as a guest.
It broke my heart. When I found all her messages, but by then it was to late,
I would have come back from holiday, Done anything to keep that date.
I watch your show every day,
Please god let them give me another chance I pray, 
I would give anything in this would to be.
Sitting with my husband  with you two on that settee,
With my eighteen-year tranquilliser addiction and agoraphobia, I’ve been to hell and 
But now my life is back on track.
To give hope to others, to show the world what I have done,
Who knows it may even be fun.
So please Richard and Judy, answer my prayer,
Please, Please Please, let us be there.