Written by: Adieleobasi Micah

I heard her call
I head her fall
Trying to pass the wall
Which was huge and tall
Steps of men were heard
Men moving in procession ahead
Procession of misery
To the New-world story
Put in chains and dragged
Dragged to start a voyage
For the vision is clear
They have lost again.

They greatly fear the journey cost
Journey towards the coast
Kept in dark dungeon castles
Which are not fit for cattles
But for only the permanent evil
Design and cultivated by devil
Which halt the black land
Drag poverty to the sand
But all I said in my loneliness
May heaven’s rich blessing come down
Down on any ones TEA
To help heal this open sore.

They had in their hands
Holy book and fancy weapons
Preaching the word
Holding the sword
Holy book to resurrect
Fancy sword weapons to destroy
Teaching man’s equality
Practicing man’s superiority
Which compounded my inferiority
Serve sugar-coffee to make me steel
To heal my heart they have steal
But the scar remains still.